Our Mission

Our goal is nothing less than to create a movement to radically improve the financial legacy of people just like you. We will do this through education, training, and connecting you to resources and businesses that can help you plan for every area of their financial lives.

Let’s begin with YOU!

How would your life (and your children’s lives) change if your financial life was in order? Imagine how much better you would sleep if…

  • You never spent more than what you earned.
  • You were completely out of debt.
  • You could afford to buy a car.
  • You could afford to buy a home for your family.
  • You planned well so that your kids could go to college or trade school and get a good job.
  • You started your own business and hired people to work for you. Just think how that could change your community!
  • You invested money so that you could retire comfortably (or even retire early!).
  • When you passed on, you left a prosperous financial legacy to your children and grandchildren.

The truth is, it can happen for you! It’ll take hard work and sacrifice but you can make it a reality.

“A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” Proverbs 13:22

Who We Are

The Legacy Movement is a coalition of people and businesses who want to change the financial lives of families in St. Louis.

The vision for The Legacy Movement began at Praise 95.1, the St. Louis Gospel Experience. We asked, “How can we best serve the community in St. Louis?”

Many things were discussed. But one mission kept bubbling to the surface:

People need to know how to change their financial legacy.

And so the movement began!

Our goal is to make LegacySTL.com the more practically informative website for St. Louisans who want to radically change their economic future.

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